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                             Design for the development plan
1. Analysis the role and position yourself.
   Make a clear implementation plan, one should make clear to his position and have to
Very clear for what will do according to the plan; clearly know their working environment and the developing opportunity will get; all need to reserve development space for self.
   Reflect personal value, we have to define individual value first. Make sure what you want and what you can do. All people should ask ourselves: what is my position, what is the core competitiveness, how much we value? These can be assessed depend on professional environment assess, measure the sale value in your field of business. Generally speaking, on one hand, measure one’s personal value according to their market competitiveness, on the other hand, is based on the market demand. The basic elements of competitiveness is personal quality,(include knowledge, experience, skill, experience and problem solving and interpersonal ability) work performance, position, popularity and so on.
2.according to own characteristics and actual conditions, establish their own career goals.
  For people in the workplace, the job have continuity and stage of the points. Many people each year in the transition don't for their sober and detailed career development. When people planning, should start from career development prospects and professional environment. Whether people plan to change their professional environment? Plan to improve his position is? Whether he plans to increase their pay and so many such kinds of problem should be included in the scope of their own considerations, and should make a detailed index.
3.resolve the target in details, and make the operational short-term goal and the corresponding education or training plan.
  The possibility of the clerk to become the general manager is very small, no doubt, for every workplace people to make a career planning for short-team and operational plan. It is the most convenient way to divide time into quarterly. At the same time, pay attention to and make the targets is a smart way, but if the target is too trivial, but not conducive to the smooth operate of the development of career prospects. Because of the unpredictable factors and other professional branches of a section of irrelevant things will upset their development plan.  
4.according to the personal needs and reality change, constantly adjust professional development goals and plans.
  There is a saying in the workplace, plan can not catch up with the change. For their problems to and environment, need to adjust development planning, the destiny of the development plan sometimes is eroded.
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